Just a quick note: May time is here and so does Come “Beltane/Beltain”. Every year our beautiful earth recomposes itself after a winter slumber no matter where in this world you are. Right now in the Northern Hemisphere we are seeing beauty stir, awaken, arouse and sprouting all around. In the water, in the trees, […]

Monthly Horoscope for May & Taurus

Frisky, full of vigor, ready to move and feeling many needs to take care of self and home. Taurus Nature and ability to ground & connect so easily, growth, new beginnings and culmination of energy. Earth, Nature & Grounding should be huge for us all right now. However, watch your communication; your physical, body language, […]

Monthly Horoscopes for March & Pisces

A fun time when we get a leap year in Pisces. And Yes this is that year. Adding one more mystical variation into Pisces already mystical and psychic sign. March will be filled with a mostly Pisces New Moon & a Libra Full Moon. We have the pleasure of having many activities in March that […]

Aquarius New Moon & Lunar Chinese New Year

Happy New Moon & 2016 Chinese New Years As we Enter a 15 Day Celebration of the “Lunar Year, of the Fire Monkey” Hello Year of the Monkey. Depending on what you Celebrate today is non-the less a Good Day entering the February’s New Moon. This Moon is in Aquarius as will open doors to […]


Happy Imbolc, Chirp & Chime. Ringing High and Ringing low. Bringing in all the fathoms for winter & spring to bestow. Blessings on the horizon and light to betwixt us now. In this hour of our tweening as the darkness is about us now, as will, in just another fortnights time will be light and […]

Astrology for Aquarius & Zodiac Horoscopes

This Aquarius Sun we have entered now will bring us all motivations and discernments to move on and clean out. Don’t hurry you way in and past those things. Take your time and spin & weave those bridges. Build friendships, make new connections and live your dreams today as you plan for tomorrow. Mind, Body […]

Tarot, Oracle & Divination market changes 2015

It is has been incredible to watch the divination market grow and change the last 11 years. But just this year, wow.. decks that have been released and taken back off once that printing is sold out, limited presses that are gone quickly. Decks promised, pushed out and then cancelled before they even hit the […]