Tarot, Oracle & Divination market changes 2015

It is has been incredible to watch the divination market grow and change the last 11 years.

But just this year, wow.. decks that have been released and taken back off once that printing is sold out, limited presses that are gone quickly. Decks promised, pushed out and then cancelled before they even hit the printers. And decks that have been revised &/or revised so many times people dont even know what they are getting without blogging or watching any available YouTube material.

The market is bending, turning & twisting, with each and every new deck that comes out.

With the Growing popularity in the art collection side of it, as well as the continuing expansion of spiritual growth and the arts of intuitive and tarot mastery. The printing industry cannot decide what to do.

Its a hard market. one of the many concerns i have had to face, is that people will pick out a deck. But come back months and some times even years later and become frustrated when that title is not available.

If there is something you are interested in at this moment you should probably invest into the item, so it does not get done away with. If you are looking at any decks that are published in the UK or England, get them too. Right now they are struggling and many printing and press companies have pulled back on there titles and have discontinued many others. There are allot of out of print titles available in different areas & different resources that are for sale. If that is something you have been looking for you may wish to pick it up while you still can.

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