Astrology for Aquarius & Zodiac Horoscopes

This Aquarius Sun we have entered now will bring us all motivations and discernments to move on and clean out.

Don’t hurry you way in and past those things. Take your time and spin & weave those bridges. Build friendships, make new connections and live your dreams today as you plan for tomorrow.

Mind, Body & Spirit time of the year. Spend time for yourself and be Clear.

Higher thinking upon us all, read a book, opening your mind, open your hearts & Grow, Grow, Grow.

Shake that Tree you call your temple or self. And break out of old habits, train of thoughts and reprogram that illuminate being we all call self.

Explosive energies, tempers, emotions and sexuality. Break the bondage of denial of self expression. There is a healthy way to communicate yourself and have outlets. Find those.

Be inquisitive, Question it all. Think out side of your box and be ready to explore it all.

Journey into the world outside of yourself. Be thankful, Be understanding, Be more than, those around you may, be. And cast your judgments away, into a sea. Higher self, higher frequency, higher vibration.

Blessed Be

Aries in Aquarius-

Aries with the Aquarius Sun and New Moon and a Leo Full moon. In an ending Mercury retrograde. This month should be full of clamor & change. Don’t be afraid to set up and out of your comfort zone and go a little deeper, wider & unexpected than normal. Shake it up get our of your routine. Simon says get busy.


Taurus in Aquarius-

Taurus this month your life should be filled with new undertakings, new ventures and getting your fix it or to do list accomplished, reorganized and or actually thought out and not just keep adding to all the awesome things you want to do.


Gemini in Aquarius

Gemini your life is always full of adventures unless you quite moving.

Shit your day to day is an adventures. Be extra wise this month as things you say or do could bit you in the ass with your social and or family life. As others are manifesting there goals and thinking the full scale. You might be a little to absorbed in your stuff and you need to come out of your self. Lots to do.


Cancer in Aquarius

Cancer this is a month to work on your home, Your self and reading a good book.

There is a new friend, activity or game for you to find. Don’t let the year wash away with rushing and hustling, you can be most affected. Sexual energy is high right now for you and you may need to find a few healthy outlets.


Leo in Aquarius

Leo this month can have so unexpected and potentially strong movements for you. Leo is the Full moon and with aquarius as the sun & moon your opposite sign. There is allot of energy for you to fulfill your daily variations. You can harness all the energy around you to accomplish anything, but if you slack off or let low energy get you down. People really want to be in your space, make sure your energy is protected.



Virgo in Aquarius

It is perfect for someone who wants to get busy on the spring cleaning and yard work. Don’t get ahead of yourself too much. Don’t forget you still need to spring clean your spirit. Somethings you have been needing to work on you still haven’t done and you should use this time to keep yourself internally happy and don’t focus so much on the outward. Work on your projects you have been putting off and spend time with loved ones.


Libra in Aquarius

Libra a fellow sun & moon phase will compliment many things flowing along and giving you time to enjoy all that is around you. But don’t procrastinate or get so light and loose that you forget things on your plate and wish list. Focus on your health and your family to do list and all things will continue to flow good.


Scorpio in Aquarius

There is so much sexual energy floating around. Woweee. Be on your best behavior and don’t animalize people into your sex toys. Okay as fun as that might be. Really try some meditation in-between you need to harness some of that energy to be more financially or spiritually motivated. Time to distress and do something just for you. not to get noticed but something for you.


Sagittarius in Aquarius

Projects, goals, manifestations. Don’t overload with information, plans and work. This is a decompression time and you need to calm your mind and let things come to you. now that does not mean put them on a list and get to them later, that will make you head spin this month. Get them done right then when they show there heads.



Capricorn in Aquarius

Your words could reach as far as you put them out this month. Say what you need to but don’t say what’s all on your mind, as you have allot, and it may not all be ready to be heard. You will be a deep thinker this month and all the Aquarian and Leo energy could collide in your communication if you attempt to express to much with out much thinking out. Be a politician this month with your communication and stay diplomatic. Emotional out busts could keep you couched for the next several days or weeks.


Aquarius in Aquarius

Hello Aquarius. Its you Sun & new Moon. With a Leo full moon. Keep tidy, up to date, and focused. Don’t abuse any vices this month and stay clear of emotional entanglements. Get back to your hobbies and play some music or dance about. Your needs now are to keep you energized and focused on what is to come. time to clear away the winter blues. Change up your social structure and let your hair down. Go to a concert, have a drink & make waves in your usual schedule, or lets say routine.


Pisces in Aquarius

Your head will be swinging and away from you if you let it. Don’t let things pile up on you as this is a time you head may not want to deal with it and walk away.

Organization is the key and communication. You need to think before you leap and try to explore new avenues before you shoot something down. Get out of your patterns and into something new. Try dressing up different and get coffee from a new place. You are already so social make sure you are not spending too much time figuring new ways to talk and make social connections and don’t forget about your chores, eating and sleep.

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