Aquarius New Moon & Lunar Chinese New Year

Happy New Moon & 2016 Chinese New Years

As we Enter a 15 Day Celebration of the “Lunar Year, of the Fire Monkey”

Hello Year of the Monkey.

Depending on what you Celebrate today is non-the less a Good Day entering the February’s New Moon. This Moon is in Aquarius as will open doors to unlimited knowledge, hopes, ideas & friendships.

A new friend, hobby, interest or event could be open and available to you, take that moment and make it happen.

Enter this phase of the year with a open heart & open mind. Let go of things you once feared, argued, worried & have been in discontent with or over.

Let those resonations leave your soul, spirit and mind. As we are all better beings in the long with out of those muddled up energies in and around us.

There is a little wild in each of us and often we have to be open to the wild sides of our selves to find the new an un-walked paths in life that we often are looking and waiting for. The approach is up to us. Open that door and let your self loose.

Frolic, be frisky, have some frills. Take some chances, make some changes. They will go farther than you may think this year. There may be some things that don’t make your play list that can happen this year. Drama, War, Sickness, and Disease and be on the higher side of things during a Year of the Monkey. Use the luck it holds to create the amazing changes and keep moving forward.

With every element and every drop of information and energy you add to the pot of information you collect and utilize. You might put a little thought out that those variations, facets and elements are already at work. With or with out your acceptance and alliance with it.

But your every motion to accept & work with those frequencies are putting you equations of patterns that you are no longer letting run around you, rather you are putting those patterns into understanding and at that moment all movement, patterns, variations and frequencies are exposed.


When we add all the metaphysical, energy, lore, symbols, culture, moon, astrological, astronomy, etc., information up. There is much to Celebrate and love each day. Each month. No matter which way you look, or which facet you turn to. There is much to take in, understand, and synergize with.

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