February Full Moon

Lovely February Full Moon to all.

Happy Light & Happy Nights. Make sure to check your sky & see the beauty these nights.

This morning was the peak of the February Full Moon at approx: 11:19am MST

This full moon, take all your can in. Bring your sights up and don’t just be settled in.

Keep your energy up lifted and motivated and grounded. There is allot a movement, and allot of change as the light growing every strong and its bounty of growth we all can feel coming stronger.

Finish your in-house projects & goals and watch outside your window as the world will unfold.

Must stay motivated and bring about all the things you love and need to learn about.

Leave out a lamp to guide your angels through the night. Don’t be harsh on yourself and leave your undone & scattered list at the door. As you cannot move forward with a heavy weight of yonder yore.

Be ready for new which you may not do if your undone list is so over due.

Raise your energy, raise your power, rekindle your manifestations and rebuild your fire.

Use the energy of this moon tonight to restore your strength & move you through these next nights.

Tomorrows moon will be ready to remove anything blocking, standing or using up your fuel.


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