Monthly Horoscopes for March & Pisces

A fun time when we get a leap year in Pisces. And Yes this is that year.

Adding one more mystical variation into Pisces already mystical and psychic sign.

March will be filled with a mostly Pisces New Moon & a Libra Full Moon.

We have the pleasure of having many activities in March that will fall under the Pisces variations.

2/22/2016-a magical triple digit day with Two’s, that also is a Full Moon.

 This is a day of actions Initiations, Manifestations and Creation.

2\29\2016-A leap year day that in itself equals the number “11”.

  Deep Meditation, Mystical creations, and psychic works & readings.

Take care this next month to not harm yourself. Take it easy on your emotions and your internal workings. Health is very important so do not hesitate to get that ball rolling and reprogram your old ways.

Let the inspiration flow as the world may be a glow. You can be apart of it as you center, ground and grow.

Don’t forget to plant and plow. Yes for the farmers. But you are a field too. Make sure you know what you are growing. Plow your field and be ready for new nourishment’s and then seed your intentions and let them soak it up.

Creativity, Sexuality, New Directions and Motivation are center pieces of Pisces energy this month. Take heed to ground, center & focus so you may accomplish those things and not feel the scattered pull of swaying needs.

**This is also the last month of the Zodiac & Astrological year; as Aries is the beginning of the Zodiac wheel, in so is it the start of the of the year. This zodiac reading is the last of the wheel of 2015/2016. As Aries next month starts the 2016/2017 zodiac wheel.

**In March during Pisces’ there will be a Solar Eclipse NOT viable from the USA. However those energies can still be tapped into. As they are apart of the cosmic energies in effect.

(read more below for individual horoscopes)

*With a mostly Pisces New Moon & Libra Full Moon influences

Aries in the sign of Pisces-

Health, fitness & nutrition should be at the top of your list. Allot of Aries go into hibernation during the winter and Pisces energies usually bring about your spring fever.

Stay out of your own head & don’t let depression or over critical thinking get the better half of you. The stars are open to making your world work this year & you need to use your “I am” mantra’s manifest what you want. Not what you are feeling. As things may feel intense throughout March. Just keep your head about you and listen. Especially before you think or make a final decision. Relationship energies could be a little rough especially if you words are not formed & spoken the way you want them.

Taurus in the sign of Pisces-

So many things, you want to be in all the right places. But energy may be low for you. As earth is rekindling you may find some of your energy needs restoration as well. Make sure as the waters warm & flow this next month that you are not wearing yourself thin. Lots of inspiring ideas around you. take a notebook with you as you go about, to make sure to capture all your thoughts. A Good time for deep thinking, meditation and exercise. Sex is high for you right now and make sure you have a healthy outlet for those energies. Neptune & Venus will be adding many polarities to your thoughts & energies through March. Keep focus on your direction & be determined. You can accomplish all the things you need to. But don’t rush, but be ready to take advantage of fleeting opportunities and don’t procrastinate.

Gemini in the sign of Pisces-

Don’t be to hard on yourself you cannot help it that your heart is running wild. But as March implies the need to stay grounded that is your #1 task. All the plans, knowledge and pliability in the world cannot save you from dealing with your own emotions. You need to contemplate your deeper roots and goals. Spend time away from other people so you don’t have to worry about showing off. Only you can make yourself happy. Don’t let all your seeds be squandered on things of this world that make no one, not even you happy. Let in a new Friend & truly hear & listen to them. Maybe get a new a porn subscription or go celibate rather than entertaining a new partners and there needs, this month. If you have a romantic partner, do not neglect them as people, but voice what your internal needs are & don’t just let that same o same o be your sexual routine.

Cancer in the sign of Pisces-

This month may be a little rocky or amazing for you. With all the mystical water & Neptune energy enhancing your already watery and Moonish energy. This can make for either one. But more energy are leaning towards having overwhelming feelings and emotional tendencies. You need to communication more of your true self instead of feeling them. You are not in a box (shell) you are in a world so let yourself out. Explore and be one with your needs & wants. There is more outside of your world & know go get it. Be wary of old visitors or past friends showing up at your door or calling. Go out to your window, your yard or for a walk to the park. Take in all the 1st stirrings of nature, take notice of the birds, the grass, flower, & water. These elements make you whole. Mars & Neptune will have strong influence over you in March. Don’t take things personally and take time to reflect. Don’t get your expectations too high and make sure your actions are leading to the direction of the goals you wish to manifest.

Leo in the sign of Pisces-

If you cannot stay grounded you will fly off your broom this month. Do not let your over active mind, energy & all other things take you by the handle thing month. Get back into your groove. The Sun is growing ever strong and all things of this earthly plain are in high & growing energy. Your favorite. Culminate your thoughts, feelings & actions. As you will soon have more on your plate than you think you do now. Yes, even more, but you love it. If being grounded was not too much to imply. This month sexuality and creativity will have your flowing in style if you keep to it. The signs and information you get this month could add to your abundance if you don’t let those deep dark feelings get the best of the Leo. Sprawl out and make sure to give your self the inner and outer health, nutrition, and love you need. Make time to read a book and bring New influences, information and goals into your world. Neptune, Jupiter & Saturn are making major plays again this year. And it could be in your favor. You need to work on communication in all your relationships so you get what you need out of those.

Virgo in the sign of Pisces-

Life is your castle and often I think you forget other people or things exist outside of “your” castle. I think you still want to curl under a blanket and keep warm. But put on a hat and scarf and go for a run or go to the gym and go for a swim. Your whole body needs a change and a work out is just part of it. So full of life and as the world rekindles do scurry into the dark waiting for the summer months to come, as the light time is now and you will grow more if you come out and play. Start a new hobby, activity and play some games. Sing your heart out and by spontaneous. Yeah you heard right “Spontaneous”. Don’t use the excuse of the day to day routine, as a way to hide away social interaction and being fearful or worried of your own self critical concerns. Virgo spread your love and let people dwell in your splendid smile. When you get creative in March let it create something amazing, don’t put it on the back burner.

Libra in the sign of Pisces-

For a Libra there are so many natural facets to you keeping balance in your world. In the here & now its Grounding. Not letting your feelings or emotions shift that balancing into indecision or just plan stale mate. Look to new solutions, new facets you have never tried. Eat a new Food, go to a new venue and read a new book. You are always doing and giving. But do and give to yourself in a healthy way. Give way to some of your romantic tendencies and let those energies culminate and restore. Stop letting people in your family run your life & rule over you. Your mellow temperament can give the impression you are content with that, when you deep seeding, longs for more & needs more. Add new things now or later in the year you may submit yourself to the going-on’s around you more subjectively. Use Venus & Saturn to make new changes in those relationships and create a new pattern. While Neptune can make it hard for your to communicate this March, just stick to your guns and make clear & conscious decisions. You don’t always have to get your way to be happy.

Scorpio in the sign of Pisces-

More intuitive than normal are we. Yes I would say. March is a very good time for you to give in and let go some of your old habits, and bring on the new. Oh yes that is right LET GO. Can you believe it. I know change can be hard for you let go of something. But weather is your relationship, a friend, a bad vibe you have been harboring. Let it go. Let your creative side initiate through you and release all the amazing gifts you have to share. Especially some spoken messages you may say aloud this months. But don’t let the waters flow and gush too much as you may say too much. And end up with your foot in mouth. Your emotions are so intense make sure you are not casting judgments on situations or people. Watch out for depression, anxiety & stress, as Neptune may bring some things to a higher vibration in your world, that you normally keep at a lower frequency. Use the energy in March to direct your focus and culminate things you have been working so hard on.

Sagittarius in the sign of Pisces-

Any thing you want is at your finger tips. Relationship, Romance and internal needs & desires are things you may need to look at. If you are not voicing your feelings you will never get the things you want and deserve. Don’t let your talent go to waste, use it. You have so much to offer but don’t let yourself get swallowed up in other peoples lives and errands. You are your own person with feelings & thoughts. Don’t beat yourself up for that which is not done, but be happy for that which you have done. Your internal seed of regret, remorse or ODC control, may want to analyze the crap, out of your and time. Bring that to a grounded center and work on new directions and getting back into your old creative self. Now that being said. Watch out for your Screen/Tech time. Even though this may do with your job or goals. This activity can bring you down on your personal endeavors and leave you more de-motivated. Watch out how much time you spend on Social Media, the Internet, and playing video games in March. Be Silly & enjoy the spring air, you need it winter has been rough.

Capricorn in the sign of Pisces-

When you have a good things to say the world listens. But right now you should take some time to mediate and gather your own messages for you. There are many changes that want to impact you this year, but impending doom may be on the horizon for some of those things if you let the world whip you around. Be ready for anything. Life has many facets to show you and you just need to keep that door open. Sexuality is a must, do not let your body go without the physical interactions in needs & so desires. Gather some snow before it melts away and do a meditation or ritual to connect your energies to gathering what it needs to feed your earth energy in mind, body & spirit. The waters are loosening and your energy need to gather its strength for your busy year. Group activities can be good, going out for a healthy dinner with friends or date night, go to the movies, checkout a concert. And on that note listen to a new bad or play a classical Cd or something out of your everyday music selection. Ground, balance & focus.

Aquarius in the sign of Pisces-

The Social world has not been your priorities. Its time to let loose those frozen waters you have been holding up and bring some fun, social, friends, drinks, and such things, back into your world. If you have friends that don’t like other friends you have this is the time to break the habit of letting them control you social life & hording you all to themselves. Aquarius those who know you marvel at your ways. You need to shake it up more than you need to ground, I feel you may need to unfreeze you ground and start working on what you are plowing in your fields this year, before the seeds of previous years goals get set into the ground. Don’t let the world continue on with no new influences. You work well on others projects when your world is not chaotic. But you need to not settle on others projects and goals. Step out, step it up and Let all of us step in. Be careful about showing off and do be too cocky or cross. No fighting this month.

Pisces in the sign of Pisces-

Hello magnificent master of this domain. Your world is pungent of many things in this sector of this year. Neptune is very potent and that being your ruling planet will be affecting you. March is your dynasty and there are so many cosmic variances. Use & align with those factors and your success & accomplishments this month could be enormous. But let them run away with you and even the simplest house chores and errands may not get done. With so many energies I would gather that you are mystical fire of insight, a magical tunnel of growth and a spiritual well of transparency. Use these gifts wisely and they will be with you all year. Share your excitement with others but don’t over do it. You can procrastinate with the best of them. Break free of those blockages and remove those tendencies. Start a new holiday or ritual to share with those whom you love & wish to grow more with. Your sexuality is compelling and there is a reason you are known as the most giving of all the ‘sex’ signs. Work on your health & break free of the excuses. Make communication work for you instead of letting it flow when its wants to and not when it doesn’t. If you can keep your energy more effectively grounded & yet still inspired and culminating new things. Your year will be progressive & momentous.


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