April Full Moon

Amazing April Full Moon

*Tonight at approx. 11:23pm MDT is the peak of this months April Full Moon.

Yet another Thursday (Thorsdagr) Thor’s day full moon. And the Last day of this awesome Full Moon will fall tomorrow on 4/22 which is Earth Day.

Happy Full Moon & Early Earth Day.

This brilliantly lite moon is striking & powerful. Raise your eyes tonight to the sky and bring your sights to a power realization & culmination. Each of us can change the world and bring to this world so much; use this moon to believe and make so.

This Moon is known as the Pink Full Moon, and the Willow Full Moon, Hare Moon, Budding Moon, Awakening moon, Trees moon, Sprouting grass moon, Growing moon, Egg moon, Taurus Earth-Mother Moon, Fish Moon, Maiden Moon, Planters & Planting Moons. As we move into the “Suns” power position of “Fertility”

It is the “Giamonios” time or Shoot-show.

This month’s moon is also a “Micro-Moon” which means the moon is at its furthest position from earth. Though it does not look like it.

Used this Moon to clear thoughts, open mind to new things, seek knowledge, being flexible, harness power and understand purpose, receive messages & gifts. Spend time in nature and connect. Journey into your growth over the past year and bring light & openness into the dawn of this next part of your life/year.

*Use tonight’s moon to keep your energy high and in the cycle of fulfillment and keeping your energy growing and moving as the year moves forward. To keep you protection up high as the Mercury Retrograde energy is starting to present its head and we all want to be as clear and protected as possible. All that is will be culminated & raised tonight.

Tomorrow/Friday Earth day is the last day of this full moon and its energy should be used to keep negative people, thoughts, feelings & emotions away from us. To not let us be dragged down by others perceptions, energies and to keep communication energies flexible for the Retrograde to come. Tune out the blockages and Tune into your manifestations in all you do.

April 22nd is also known as “Walpurgis/Thrimilci” in the Norse Traditions, the start of a nine day & night celebration from 4/22-5/1, what a great way to start this 9 day ritual & celebration but with a Full Moon. An amazing ritual of days of sacrifice, messages, death & rebirth.

*April 22nd and 23rd are also the Peak days of the Lyrid Meteor Shower. This Meteor shower are dust particles left behind from Comet Thatcher. It is a smaller or more average producing shower. Showing an average of 20 Meteors per hour, that often leave dust trails behind them, that often can be seen for several seconds. This is annual shower that happens between April 16-25th. The peak will be the night of the 22nd into the early morning of the 23rd, for the best viewing. Since it is a Full Moon there will be a glare between sightings and seeing the brightest Meteors and there trails will be hard. Best viewing in the darkest place possible after midnight. It can be seen all over the sky but it will be radiating from the constellation Hercules-Lyra.

Also right now the Eta Aquarids meteor shower is starting. The Eta meteor shower will be April 19th-May 28th. Peaking over the New Moon on May 6th & 7th.

If you happen no notice meteors coming from the constellation Aquarius it is probably the Eta Meteors, which are also dust particles, but left by hind by Halley.


This Full Moon is in Libra full on. The urgency to keep balanced and activated are very clear. The movement from Aries into Taurus with the Retrograde energy this Libra moon is just what we needed. But don’t topple over trying to balance. Keep procrastination and justifications out of the picture or you may find yourself struggling emotionally and energetically over the next month or even two.

As challenges present themselves it is up to us to makes choices and grow and evolve from those situations. As we do grow and those lessons represent themselves often we move through those facets clearer and stronger than ever before. As we move through this next moon phase and into this next Mercury Retrograde, don’t hold on to things and let them hold you back. Use those things and love what you do that is right and learn from that which you are not happy with or find to be your incorrect action, choices or reaction. Mercury Retrogrades are those periods to which many messages and lessons arise.

*Even though this is not the “May” Full Moon, many will be starting there Beltane/Beltaine Rituals and raising the Maypoles. Since the May Full Moon does not come until this time next month many days after the main days of celebration for Beltaine on April 30th, May 1st, May 2nd and May 3rd. Though Beltaine is and can be celebrated all through the month of May.

*Now speaking of Mercury Retrograde. This is the 2nd retrograde of 2016. This Retrograde is starting Direct in Taurus. The Direct Days of the Retrograde (meaning the strongest) is April 28th to May 22nd. However there is always those lovely Pre & Post Shadow days of the Retrograde (meaning when it is coming into its Direct station nearest us, and leaving that stations away from us) This Retrograde be patient with your technology, get out of your routines and make sure you are doing things out of the norm. even just driving to work a different rout, eating different than you normally do, dressing a little different. (I hope you get my drift.)

-The Pre-shadow already started this last Thursday on the April 14th. This can cause procrastinations or surges of energy to complete things. Now if you are getting surges don’t ignore them or that may bit you in the butt over the next few weeks. Commuting, communication and patience is lowering just a bit in frequency. It is up to us all to keep it from getting any lower.

-The Post-Shadow will end on June 7th. After a full month of a Retrograde energy there may be allot of lightening of frequency. If not then something in your communication may have gotten really messed up during May. (don’t let that happen) This period can feel lower energy, and people can be a bit snappier and or even depressed. Spend time in nature, keep good music that is high vibration to you on and around you. Don’t spend too much time in your head unless your are reading a book or coming up with new workable ideas.

*Now before the next Full Moon we will be having our only Friday the 13th of the year on Friday May 13th 2016.

This is during the Retrograde. So yes the crazies will be out and they might be you. (depending on how you are handling yourself) This would be a great time to charge tools and ground your altar & attune it to the fertilization of earth.

*May 9th there will be a rarer Mercury transit, as Mercury will move directly between Earth & the Sun. If you have proper equipment to look at this, it will be viewable in North America, best viewed on the Eastern Coast.


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