Monthly Horoscope for May & Taurus

Frisky, full of vigor, ready to move and feeling many needs to take care of self and home.

Taurus Nature and ability to ground & connect so easily, growth, new beginnings and culmination of energy. Earth, Nature & Grounding should be huge for us all right now. However, watch your communication; your physical, body language, spoken & texting/written. Communication is always important but during this earth sign and the other energies coming into play this next month. Things may be a little more tricky than usual and even though you usually communicate great with may feel like you are not understanding them or you may be expecting them to read between the lines, too much.

Be generous, be kind. Set boundaries so not taken advantage of. Take care of yourself before you rush to take care of others and projects. Be in the moment in the here & now. Take your mind off the past & quit thinking about it you go live there. Don’t spend too much time thinking about the future because you are here and need to live it.

Nature as it is shooting up all around us and growing at many paces. It is up to us to harness that beauty and take it in to the rest of the year. Take pictures, do picnics, go for walks, hikes and enjoy and explore these wonderful surrounds we live in that we call Earth. Life is moving all around take notice.

The Taurus energy may incorporate a little bit a clickiness, and may even bring up feeling of not belonging or feeling out of the loop or group. Make sure not to procrastinate, be lazy, slothful, or even let spring depression set in.

Though some people are finishing or just starting there spring cleaning, this is time to be out doors. So be careful balancing your obligations, wants and needs and they could push you into an energetic knot and make you feel de-motivated. Just put something in each cup and it will work out.

We will be starting out Taurus, at the end of April with a Libra Full Moon and a Taurus New Moon on May 6th.

Now that’s not all. With Just those tit-bits, there is also a Mercury Retrograde through the whole month of May, Beltane/Beltaine, a rarer Mercury transit, a Friday the 13th, and Two Meteor Showers to display. Wow the energy this month is very explosive and potentially bi-polar, in the sense of, going each and every which way.

As Energy may start to pull you out of a high vibration, relax, let go and ground. Taurus is very good for blowing up or off some steam and immediately grounding and feeling fine. Don’t feel bad about expressing yourself, but make sure you are grounding after and not fixating on those things or not able to let go.

Make sure to Balance, Ground be true to yourself. This months energy will soar new heights and new opportunities if you are listening to your true self. Make scarifies and follow through with those messages to find your destiny is waiting.

Fairy Energy and Portals opening are not a rare occurrence’s during this time of year.

**So that covers the monthly part of this post. Now below you will find your individual horoscope for this month.  For Example when it says below Aries in Taurus- that post is for people who fall under the Aries sign during this cycle of Taurus energy and how they will react with that. Please read your below.

(read more below for individual horoscopes)

Aries in the sign of Taurus

Aries you can over work and over indulge yourself. And at least one of those probably fits a bit more than the other for you so far this year. Let the inspiration falling from the heavens right now bring you the motivation and healing you need to have both realms of work & play at your finger tips. Connect & Ground your energy. You need more focus and clarity in your life this month and your communication could be a little one sided. Do not take things to personally things month as so much is going on if you stay all in your head you may be like the song “Your so vain” during may. Its not all about you. You have so much to offer make sure to broaden your horizons and enjoy everything you have in your life no matter how large or small. You have it all believe you do and nothing can stop you.

Taurus in the sign of Taurus

Hello Taurus and welcome. Its all you babe and most people are loven it. All of your best traits and qualities are reverberating out and all around. You are more noticeable and all the things you love are the things everyone else is loving right now too. Your communication tends to be one of the things you always need to work on and right now I would say is a great time for you. But emotions and feelings cane be overwhelming and making you feel low energy, grumpy, and now frequency. Don’t let things that are not going your way bother you, find something to appreciate about it and it will raise you right back up. You work hard and deserve all you work for. Everything around you is stretching out and trying to grow like the world around us. Don’t hold yourself back, often the people we let in our lives and the choices we make around them or the jobs we take control of us and our lives. Taurus take it back and take control of those reins and bring your direction back around to where you want. If you don’t know if you are happy and you are not appreciating life all around you, something needs to give and or change. Often Taurus you are so stubborn you let the wrong friendships and relationships last too long in your life. You may need to take a strong and silent look at those things. It is time to go fishing, camping, hiking and fertilize your endeavors. If you don’t believe you can do it, then it won’t happen. Trim up and use some of out door time for exercise and meditation.

Gemini in the sign of Taurus

With the awakening of the spirits & nature around you. You feel life pulsing through your body. So many things you want to do. Make sure to stop and smell the flowers as they bloom and take time to appreciate & notice all that is happening with those around you. Often you can get so caught up in your own world you don’t pay enough attention and praise to the ones who really are your support, family & team. Often you are balancing too much of your efforts towards your goals & projects & now need to put some of those flexibilities, ply-abilities and balancing towards your relationships & communication. You want love & eternal connects, but you need to work harder. Don’t expect people to be on your terms all the time because as you know that gets boring and old real quick. You are brilliant, and amazing and can attract many things to flow into your space with little efforts. Use that to attract the correct choices, actions and reactions, so that you are getting what you want and not just talking or thinking about it. You have so many smarts, take some time and get some real world use of that. Managing your money can be a concern and you may need to talk to a financial advisor, seek help or learn a new way to energetically think about money and how it works for you. be careful with your words & things you say, words can feel extra harsh during this time. Your efforts are rewarded just keep adding new facets, messages and energies into your life and don’t think that you have mastered the universe.

Cancer in the sign of Taurus

Spring always bring feels of light and love into your world and a list a mile long and all the awesome things you wan to enjoy while its warm. Do not make this year about money. You can do all that you want to do and make it happen without thinking, stressing and worrying about it. Don’t let things from the past hold you back. Your thoughts, opinions and feelings on issues are strong and very real but can also hold you back and reduce your manifestations. You intuition is just amazing and in turn you psychic abilities can be working extra hard during this time. So don’t dismiss messages coming in from pretty much all around. Those things are some of the keys to the answers you have been searching for. Keep balanced and grounded. When you are centered and grounded you seem to get so much more done. Turn some of your creativity into taking care of your house, projects, and make some camping and outdoor plants. You love nature, but don’t get to spend enough time in it, as the summer is your main elemental component; it seems to go so fast for you. So live it up. Take pictures of flowering plants, and of spring time trees. Run in the forest, go bare footed, do care wheels on the sand, go riding something that will let your hair flow in the wind. Bring summer to a huge fulfillment of your heart and take that into the other seasons with you. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water, it is your element and yet you seem to prefer sweet drinks, or other than water. Drink water. It is your friend. All the world is upon you and all you have to do is communicate in a positive way, be motivated & energetic, stay healthy & create your manifestations and it will all be yours.

Leo in the sign of Taurus

All the things in the worlds, dancing through you head. Generally speaking you don’t have 10 heads & 10 bodies to deal with all the things twirling in that head of yours. Take this month to Ground. Taurus energy is great for that. Leo’s Need grounding now so you can get things done and not feel like you are juggling and not getting anywhere. You are a creative genius and have so much going on for you, them and all those around you. be your loving self and make sure to give to those around you and make sure everyone in your life know how much you love and appreciate them. Don’t let anyone think you have forgotten them or are not paying attention to there efforts. Make sure to eat good, take advantage of good energy days to accomplish all you can. Though you can intimidate people, keep you extra aware “hat” on right now, so you are willing to see and hear people and not just react to them. You have many messages coming in right now so listen, pay attention and be transparent not solid.

Virgo in the sign of Taurus

Its time to let your hair down and do something out of your ordinary. Okay yes you probably want to find a book or paint a picture but go do that outside. Take your guitar & your talents and go enjoy nature. If you an Earth sign cannot take the time to connect & heal yourself with the fresh and beauty around you. I am at a loss for all the other elements & there signs. Your body is your temple and you need to grow and awaken the needs of that temple and take care of it. exercise, get your hair cut, get some new clothes and make yourself feel as good as you deserve. You have been hiding away too long and winter is no longer with us. You are strong in your intuition but you may be letting too much analyzation or over analyzation, turn into depression, low frequency, judgmentalness. You can be just a joy of energy but you have to be taking care of yourself for that energy to really protrude through your being. Everyone when they know you love to be around you and you can be very complimentary when you are not caught up in your own head, being bossy, depressed, lazy & hermity. Look to nature for your messages and birds. Find love and healing in your life and your life will be filled with nothing more.

Libra in the sign of Taurus

The world is always moving and often you find that you have comfortably found your spot and haven’t noticed it. do not let that catch up to you right now and get into your subconscious and don’t get caught up comparing yourself to others around you. Everything you want and need is just on the horizon. You probably have many things you have been working towards already and have been come unaware or unconscious of how amazing and awesome those are. Your flexibility cannot always bear the weight of your backbone. Do not let your boundaries and your own moral compass be a line that is walked upon or that hurt will rear its ugly head into a temper tantrum or saying or doing things that may cause hurt or pain in your life or those you love. You need to broaden your horizons, not just in worldly affairs, but in your heart & mind. Nature with the wind through your hair, on a boat seeking the horizon, climb a tree and peak up and let your hair flow with the elements around you. Any which way connect with the moment, and let inspiration flow into your life & heart. You will find joy and be content with what you have and have much to look forward to. Your health need improvement and you are not working towards it as much as you say you don’t need to. Sleepless nights, over eating, skipping meals, not good. Eat cleaner, healthier food. Mediation, running or swimming and a night time regiment before bed. Your life can be fuller, stronger and Fun. Make it so.

Scorpio in the sign of Taurus

You always have the ability to raise and soar up to the highest heights, but right now be on the look out for the crash and burn. Or the burning yourself up. You often do not take the right road and you will internalize and destroy yourself to a degree. Until your phoenix energy is rebirthed and then you awaken and are restored. Now is not the time to burn or to burn yourself up. The natural occurrences around us are going to make this all to easy so watch out. You need to be on the look out for the end of a bad or negative situation. Those signs have been looming around you for a bit now. But if you don’t let things end and move on then you will for sure be going through some lower frequency things this summer. The time for travel, excitement and sexual energy is enraging right now. You have so many feelings and emotions, you need somewhere to put them rather than inside your head. And talking is not going to make anything better. You need to go punch a punching bag, go for a run or bike ride. The world is more fluid when your energy is fluid and since talking is not going to make you feel or be any different right now get your energy changed by a physical movement. It will feel great. You need to quite having so much screen time before bed and drink more water before bed too. You can inspire the world with your energy and take it all back with your secretive and depressive tendencies. You are a huge light and energy and need to ground to your natural surrounds and the natural cycles around you like the phases of the moon or equivalent. Love yourself and love your life. Don’t be hasty and don’t let your ego and dilemmas run the roost. Become part of that nature and let that show in your eyes & smile.

Sagittarius in the sign of Taurus

With all your insights, with all your feelings you better get a grip on yourself and ground before something throws you off kilter and your pessimism comes into play. You are always such a go getter and even when you don’t see it you can be so accomplished, especially from someone else’s point of view looking at you. People want to be you, have your talents and your emotional laxness. Little do they know how much you have to work at that. With earth growing all around, take time to go and connect to it. You are  winter flower that needs to take in all the spring blossoms deep into your heart and let you see how beautiful you are. Don’t let your back burner list over throw you, and don’t use up all your luck on petty and unworthy things. Be careful about being overly judgmental right now. Things may not be as they seem and you may react in a way that no, re-reaction of that reaction will change what has been done. People take your opinions very serious and they should because you are a very amazing comrade & alliance.

Capricorn in the sign of Taurus

Being the Earth Power house, this nurturing and motherly Taurus energy will be good for you. You tend to run yourself full out of energy, before you realize how worn out our down you are. Let others in your life help & nurturer you. you deserve to be at your highest modality and others often can see what is going on before we do. This month take notice when people say you seem not up to your normal. And don’t be afraid to ask you partners, spouses, mates & friends for support and communicate what you have going on. It is not healthy to keep everything inside. You can be a little bit a worrier when you are not having fun. Awaken your natural abilities to ground, relax and connect to the elements around you rather than rush on through them. You flow so easily and quickly most days to not, is a huge blow to your energy & emotional levels. It is okay to not be perfect, and you don’t have to lower your bar to accept that. Take the knowledge that you have of how many facets and abilities you have and put that to use. Do not be idle, excessive or keep justifying situations. There is a huge world of people and events out there that want to support you and what you do. Now go get em tiger and make sure you keep generous, kind, balanced, and appreciate everything; even when things aren’t going you way.

Aquarius in the sign of Taurus

Waiver is kina your thing some times. But don’t let your some of your tendencies to shut yourself away take away from activates, events and happenings that you know you really do care about. Often you may be doing your own thing and expect others to come into your space or not really wanting a huge crowd around. But really you do enjoy knowing you have friends and people who enjoy your company and enjoy you humor. Your can be witty, fun, brilliant, compassionate and highly innovative. Take those thing and put them to use right now in your life. Yes keep doing your thing, but in a whole other box or design. You need to make sure you are balanced and not giving over to one side of your personality. Your creativity, passions, and personal life all need attention. Your communication, expectations and interpersonal skills all need growing and reawakening. You are so good with words, but not always able to get people to see what you mean and you don’t always want to take the time to yap, yap, yap them up to speed. But that attitude is not your friend right now as those facets need extra attention in the world right now let alone with your energies this next month. If you don’t have many other hobbies or passions, outdoor sports would put you to the test, in many ways, and you know, you need that. You need a different kind of challenge and not just an intellectual quest or something gathered through smarts. Physical skills, actual hands on experience with something new and or sports. Don’t be afraid to express your self and who cares what the world things. Oh, I forget you already have that attitude and that is why you are comfortable. But know take that attitude and attach it to physical activities and social events and let people hear you and your quirky personality. They will love it and have been missing the old you. Laugh, Love and Enjoy. Know there is more for you and don’t put it off.

Pisces in the sign of Taurus

The movement of the season is probably exciting and overwhelming to you. there are so many things you want to do but usually will have all the other people in your life wanting to do things too. Make sure you have attachments to your activities and are not just rolling through the motions. Life is way to short and you commitment and give so much to those and your activities don’t short yourself and how much your worth. Including getting to do something’s you want to do. You don’t live your life by money, but you do need to make sure you are working on growing your money and growing the things that will be taking care of you in the future. And that includes your health. You know that you procrastinate and do not live up to some of your own expectations and wants. So push those excuses and justifications out the door and make yourself your Dream and Inner self. Eat what you need to and not what is in front of you. Try new foods and don’t be so picky you lose out. Eat Fresh. Work out. Swim in water or get your feet in some natural flowing water. You have with all that is on your plate answers from your guides coming to you. Slow your mind and your heart & let those in as you normally let your intuition flow to and through you. Life is awakened and you are too, but now you need to form and manifest what and where that life is taking you and going to be this year. You are amazing and do so much. Do not let yourself be hurt by others depreciation of you. You know you rock and how hard you work, you may need to work a little harder to bring it to the surface for more notice.

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