Just a quick note:

May time is here and so does Come “Beltane/Beltain”. Every year our beautiful earth recomposes itself after a winter slumber no matter where in this world you are. Right now in the Northern Hemisphere we are seeing beauty stir, awaken, arouse and sprouting all around. In the water, in the trees, in the flowers, in the birds & animals. This beauty is everywhere.

Just as nature is opening up and showing us its beauty and regenerated self. This is the time for each of use to flow, connect, and put forth that to which we will be growing and culminating over the next months.

If we work with natures cycles our efforts will be more rewarded and our energies more connected.

Beltaine is for opening up and not being afraid to be yourself, to show and feel emotions that often you have to keep hidden from the world around you. It is a sensual time for nature as it is in filling up with the abundance of nutrition and taking in the rays of the love of the god & goddess & the universe around us.

Tonight honor the deep set dark. Light your fires and be honored & grateful for all the breathe, beauty & brilliance of life. Especially for those who celebrate “Walpurgis”

Tomorrow is the lights celebration of the sacred consumption of the god & goddess relationship. As they entrance each other in each others embrace as they transform through with the world through the mysteries of sexuality.

Light candles, light the heart & fires. Enjoy each other companies as the virility & fertility of the world is opened & spread out to grow & culminate those aspects to which you put those efforts into.

Yes it is a fire & fertility festival. But those aspects are those you wish to unfold and embrace. It is time to make, manifest and grow you and the aspect to which you want to grow and enhance this year.

Collect your feelings and make sure you are one with who you are. Love youself, love life and love where you energy goes.

As you Celebrate, embrace the journey to which you embark. And let your life and spirits raise as you put those facets to work.


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