Services & Appointments


Join us at Elemental Inspirations for some of our amazing services.

Please call the store for available appointments 801-433-2279
We offer:

Here to help you flow through your spiritual journey

We help with Guidance, assistance,

support, inspiration, healing & mentoring.

Leanora “Lee” Services:

    • Psychic & Intuitive Tarot & Oracle Readings

    • Rune & Ogham Castings

    • Astrology

    • Numerology

    • Natal/Birth Charts

    • Grief Release

    • Energy Attuning

    • Energy Cycling

    • Tone Singing

    • Sound Baths & Sound Healing

    • Cleansing, Clearings & Blessings

    • Cosmic & Astrology Path Threading

    • Life coach

    • Spiritual Adviser & Teacher

    • Inspirational Motivation

  • Classes, Guidance, & Healing

  • Off site and Company Events

Join “Lee” today at: Elemental Inspirations; in one of Lee’s Mystical and Magickal session for healing, releasing, manifestation, & life path choices.

Please keep in mind we are a small business. If you book an appointment with us you are taking time up on our calendar, so if you dont show up to really hurts it for everyone. We reserve the right to not take appointments from: Time waster’s, rude people, and people who have done a no call-no show. If you set an appointment and do not show up or call within 30 minutes ahead of your appointment, you will have to prepay a $15.00 non refundable fee to reserve another time on our appointment calendar.