Polaroid DIGITAL CAMERAServing & Supporting the Metaphysical, Magickal, Pagan & Spiritual Communities, Since 2004. What a Blessings & what a Journey.When I opened this store, I did not know what a journey I was in for. My eyes, my life, my spiritual path has bent and turned and incorporated so much and much has to do with the many amazing people, beings, energies & spirits; That I have had a chance to work & align with.Above: Gary, he is my partner and he has stood by me with all the twists & turns being a small business owner has had. And my self (Leanora “Lee” Perry) Owner, Operator & Manager at Elemental Inspirations.Proud to be the 1st Business Voted Utah’s Best Witch Crafts” in 2007 by Salt Lake City Weekly publications, on our 3rd year in business.

Elemental Inspirations is a store. But it is also a place, a resource, and we work at putting amazing energy, services & people here so we can all enjoy life that much more.

There is no need to be something you are not here. You don’t need to dress up like a witch to shop here, you don’t have to belong to a certain group to fit in here. We welcome all.

Here at Elemental Inspirations we love to provide excellent tools, essential supplies & sound advice. Over the years we have added many services depending on which teachers we have at the time. Right now we have many Classes, Free Meetups, Weekday promotions, Psychic Readings and other healing & guiding services.

Come see us soon, and Blessings.