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Leanora Lee & Gary About

Here is our newest team member in 2021 we added Dani to our team. She has been great to work with and has been a vital help to the changes we have been doing. She is committed to helping people, loves to learn and is our store wire wrapper and other jewelry creations & attire. You may find one of her pieces in one of the mystery boxes here.

And its about time we introduce our Employee of the month every month- Miss Queen. We love her. “She has been a loved addition to my family and my store since Fall 2018.”

Proud to be the 1st Business Voted “Utah’s Best Witch Crafts” in 2007 by Salt Lake City Weekly publications, on our 3rd year in business.

The Spiritual Journey for us all is different. We are all so different. It is through those differences that magick, metaphysical and spiritual doors have opened for so many.

There is no need to be something you are not here. You don’t need to dress up like a witch to shop here, you don’t have to belong to a certain group to fit in here.

Here at Elemental Inspirations, we love to provide excellent tools, essential supplies & sound advice.

Right now we have Classes, Free Meetups, Weekday promotions, Psychic Readings and other healing & guiding services.

Come see us soon and Blessings.


A little closer to the Owner

In all the years I have done this everyone is always asking “How?” “I work hard” I say. “But how?” “I want to help people on the spiritual journey” I say. “But how?” They continue to ask? So I wanted to add a few thoughts here for those who want to know more about me. I started the journey on my path….well we can say for sure around 1995.

I started as unsure and unaware as many if not most people unknowingly are. Listening to my intuition, to not think like the consensus and to think for myself and ask questions. My path turned in a practice and an alliance of lifestyle some of what people called witchcraft & Wicca. To listen, learn, be patience, let people be who they are even at my own expense. To share, help, laugh, love, to be passionate, aware and real. And as my path grew and my trainings more. I was made aware I supposed to open space to share with kindred spirits. In June of 2004 I opened my shop and here I am. LOL. Okay. Not what you expected.

I am an Intuitive Spiritual Practitioner & Oracle. I don’t like labels, as I am sure many of you don’t. That is getting me to say allot.

Most of the facets and practices, I connect & work with are a development of my own personal practice. I connect, heal, and help people grow. Developing with allot of Natural & Green Magick, Celtic, Druidic and European Mysteries and Magical arts. I do find moon craft, heathenry oathage, various channels of Alchemy as well as many other things I have declared part of my path. I am an eclectic practitioner; I vibe and connect with many workings as many Spiritualist & practitioners do. “Blessed Be”