Well 2023 Has been a fun challenge.

Here at Elemental Inspirations we have had lots going on. We Finally took our Handmade Products and we have them out ont he shelves and are more available. Thats right so Leanoras Candles, Baths & Smoke Blends, Custom Oil Blends, Custom Ritual or Magic kits and lts more available instore. The Mystery Boxes and Bags That we made available in store in 2022 are still available and more to chose from.

We have some Very amazing exclusive Crafters Dani my assistant who owns Fearlymine. Here wire wrapped pieces are fantastic, she has more bead bracelets than ever, her earrings and other crafts are coming out amazing. And she just Launched her Crystal Crowns. AAAAAAAhhhhmazing.

Our Handmade Spiritboards. this guys does sound, and great work. Solid wood spiritboards, trays, plates, plaques, and altar tiles.

We Are excited for 2024 we will have new products coming in throughout the year, we will be hosting a whole new series of retreates, and classes. and cannot wait to see you there.

Blessings & Happy Yule, Solstice and everything you celebrate around that.

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