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Welcome to your zodiacknowledge

What zodiac sign is know for self sabotage?

Most Flexible zodiac sign

Best Zodiac Month for Weddings?

The most psychic zodiac sign

Sign of hopes & dreams in the long spectrum

Zodiac Sign associated with Partnership & Family

Ruling Planet of Scorpio

Venus Rules what?

When does the zodiac wheel start?

Which zodiac sign is known to be able to be all 4 elements, and if they are able to do that is the ruler of the zodiac?

How many constellations does each zodiac sign commonly carry?

How many Cardinal signs are there in each Elements of the zodiac signs?

What does your positive/negative traits mean or the masculine/feminine traits mean about your zodiac sign?

what element combination does the zodiac flow in?

What Zodiac sign is ruled by there feet?

Welcome to your witchesquiz

What holiday is celebrated for "The Witches Thanksgiving"?

Who is sacrificed on Samhain?

What modern holiday takes place about the time of "The Feast of the Maidens?

Which Norse God is Celebrated on the 1st New Moon of the Year?

What is a Black Moon?