Elemental Inspirations Testimonials


Elemental Inspirations Testimonials from Clients and Customers.

Lisa S

"Lee has given me much insight and clarity in her readings. I have followed her advice many times which leads me to many wonderful adventures. Supporting her store is great for the spiritual community blessed be"



"Really informative, lots of info to take in"

Class 01/2014
Lisa S.

Elemental Inspirations have blessed me on the deepest level with the divine.


Olivia T.

I love how on task you were the scripts and also the spreads to take home beneficial thank you!!

Class 01/14
Anthony Alzayyat

"Lee is awesome"

I cannot wait for the next class to read and work more in with my deck. thank you for the valuable information and your time.

Class 8/2010

Amy J.

"Lee is great! I love that you always take time with Mell and I to answer our questions even if it is off topic. You always make me feel warm and welcome in your space. I have learned so much information from you and look forward to learning much more from you. Thank you for all that you do."


Mellanie T.

Every time I came into Elemental Inspirations I leave feeling so good and happy. Lee is so very helpful weather it is reading, class or when we came into shop. I love how she is so willing to help and answer any question we have. She never makes me feel rushed or that she does not have time to help. I always leave your presence feeling happy and so relaxed. I enjoy your knowledge and willingness to help. Thank you so very much! Blessed Be!

Class 2010
Shelly C.

"Elemental Inspirations is one of the mot genuine metaphysical stores I have ever been too. Lee is an insightful and gifted card reader. She has a knack for understanding your higher self, and bringing that into a realm of reality that is easily understood. She is truly grounded and has a genuine want to shed the light of knowledge on those that seek it." Shelly C.


Kathleen B.

thanks so much for all your faith that you have me strength to heal myself."


Reeda W.

"Lee has brought me clarity in my life. I was wondering whether to put any more energy into one relationship & whether to let another go. I now feel like I have lots of options. Also Feel more grounded & at peace. Thanks, Lee"


Erika M.

"Lee is an amazing teacher. I feel very comfortable with her. She has so much knowledge of everything that she is a great teacher I loved this class!


Angie Peterson

Thank you so much. I really needed this at this time in my life. I learned a lot tonight. It has made me think about so much. My head is spinning thinking about all of this. I really appreciate what I learned today and I look forward to using it in my life.

Class 1/2011

Lynnette M.

Lee is amazing you have to come and change your energy with every single visit! Her visits always make me feel better and to see all her awesome stuff makes me happy too! If You havent been to elemental inspiration go get some inspiration and get all your spiritual needs taken care of. Have a great day and enjoy your visit.


Rhiannon W.

Lee is amazing! It's such an incredible experience to get to chat with her. She knows what she's talking about and have a lovely selection of items. She loves what she does and it definitely shows smile emoticon her classes and events are incredible and customer service is the best in state smile emoticon check out her shop next time you're in the area

March 2016

Charlie Mike

So much good energy, I love going here! And everytime I visit, I look forward to speaking with Lee! Her store carries magickal items that you won't find anywhere else around here, and she always has some wisdom to share with ya.

April 2016

J. Lucero

It was a pleasure to meet Lee. This was my first time in the shop and I found everything I had been looking for that I could not find any place else. We had a great conversation and she has the best advice. I found my new favorite place to go! Can't wait to go back again.

March 2016


This is a beautiful shop, the ladies are lovely and knowledgeable, and the wares are magnificent... I definitely recommend the soap my skin has never breathed like this before and the sandalwood is heavenly! I will surely return!